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Services We Offer

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Our complimentary consultation is in-person or over the phone. 

During our 30 to 45 minute session we will:

  • Assess your goals, wants and needs.

  • Determine what is and isn’t working.

  • Provide suggestions and creative solutions.

  • Develop a plan that works with your schedule & your budget 


This hands-on DIY session is the perfect option if you prefer to do your projects on your own. During our 90-minutes session we will:

  • Assess your goals, wants and needs.

  • Share creative solutions and ideas.

  • Provide product suggestions with links and shopping info.

  • Follow-up phone consult for additional guidance.

  • $150 fee

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We offer personalized Professional Organizing services for all aspects of your home or small business.  Together, we will create a plan with cost-effective solutions that works with both your schedule and your budget!


  • Assess your wants & needs

  • Develop lasting solutions

  • Create spaces unique to your needs

  • Declutter- Assist with sorting & purging

  • Organizing- Utilizing what you have & provide product recommendations.

  • Home Styling & Space Planning





It is important to organize before, during and after your move. Having a well-organized move will save you time, money and a whole lot of stress! 

Our move management services include:

  • Purging- We'll help you decide what should stay with you and what should go.

  • Light Packing- We'll carefully box your belongings with TLC.

  • Donations- Your donated items will be hauled away after each session. We'll arrange donation pick-up for larger items.

  • Trash & Recycling Removal

  • Occupied Staging- Prepare your home to attract the ideal buyer.

  • Unpacking & Organizing- We'll help you get unpacked & beautifully organized!

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Home Staging

We help busy home owners and realtor's sell their homes faster and for more money! Homes are staged inside and out typically attract your ideal buyer. Our staging will bring out the highlights & curb appeal of your home, allowing potential buyers to visualize themselves in the space.

  • We'll work with what you have and make affordable suggestions.

  • While respecting your home, we'll make suggestions that give your home a competitive edge and impactful first impression.

  • We'll stage the entrance to your home to make it feel welcoming and look its best. You only have 1 chance to make a 1st impression.

Have a vacation rental that needs staging to attract  potential  guests? We can stage and prepare for photos for marketing your investment.

Home Staging

We know how challenging decluttering and downsizing can be! We’re here to support and guide you throughout the process.  Our sessions are always confidential and approached with compassion, understanding and without judgment.

  • Our goal is to make this experience as enjoyable and as easy as possible for you and your family.

  • Together, and sometimes independently, we’ll help you purge items that are no longer necessary, are damaged or just old and worn-out.

  • Sorting can be done at a pace you’re comfortable with.

  • We offer an objective point of view when deciding what stays & what goes and where it goes.

  • Each session includes taking your donated items away and we can help manage trash removal.




-Home & Business-    -Inside & Out-

We absolutely love creating spaces that bring you renewed joy and make you feel relaxed & at ease.  We’ll do our very best to capture your visions and personality in your makeover projects, no matter how big or small!


  • We’ll assess your needs and decorating goals.

  • Develop a plan within your budget and timeline.

  • Provide cost-effective options and solutions.

  • No matter your taste or style, we’ll create personalized spaces that are functional to your lifestyle.

  • We offer assistance with:


- Color Choices -Accessories - Wall Hangings -

- Window Coverings - Furniture Placement - Lighting -

- Design Choices -

Home Styling

Home Styling

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Holiday Decorating

We can help you decorate for any holiday or special occasion.  You provide the decorations and we can do the rest!

  • Purge- This is the perfect time to get rid of old, damaged and unwanted decorations.

  • Set-up & Display- With or without your guidance, we can do all the decorating!

  • Take Down & Organize –We can take down your decorations and neatly put them away beautifully organized!


We offer a variety of miscellaneous services as well.  We can do small painting projects, light gardening and car organizing to name a few.  Let us know what you’re needing help with!

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Holiday Decoration

Contact Us

If you could use some help with any of your projects please reach out for your free consultation 

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