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A Little About Me


Hi there, I’m Ronda 

I’m a Professional Organizer and a Hairstylist so, I guess you could say I’m a real people pleaser.  Being creative and organizing have always come natural to me. Helping my clients to feel more confident, more relaxed and just be happier in general makes me happy!  I love it!!

As a wife, a mom and a daughter, I can relate to how crazy busy and chaotic life can be. I started organizing professionally after managing the sale of my parents’ home and helping them downsize into a senior living lifestyle.  What an exhausting experience that was!!!  It inspired me to create a business that offers a variety of services to help people simplify their lives, get organized and get things done!

And Wa-la.... Chicks for Chores Professional Organizing was born!

I've met so many amazing people!  I can’t wait to see what the future holds but, I hope to see you in it!  Let me know how I can help.

Take good care,

Ronda Bowling


Take your first step by contacting us today!  We are excited to get you started!

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